Printed booklets - specialist booklet printers
Printed Booklets
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Centreprint print booklets and price lists quickly and economically - booklet printers

Printed booklets - specialist booklet printers

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Booklet sizes available
The most popular booklet sizes are A5 and A4. A5 booklets are 210mm x 148mm, while A4 booklets are 297mm x 210mm. A6 size booklets are also available (105mm x 148mm). Booklets are available in either landscape (horizontal) format or portrait (upright) format, although portrait format tends to be less costly and is by far the most popular format as it is easier to read. We are specialist booklet printers.
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Printed booklet - upright
This is a PORTRAIT (upright) style booklet (Get quote)
This is a LANDSCAPE (horizontal) style booklet (Get quote)

Booklet pages
Booklets, by their very nature, have to be produced in multiples of four pages. This may seem odd at first. Think of a single sheet of paper (2 sides) and fold it in half. This will give four sides or four pages. Therefore, two sheets of paper, folded together and stapled (we call it wire stitching) will make an eight page booklet. Eight pages is the smallest booklet size available. One sheet of paper, folded in half is called a folded leaflet | Ask for us a booklet quote |

Booklet "creep"
Booklets are trimmed down after they have been collated and wire stitched. If a quantity of printed sheets are folded together, the edges of the centre sheets will be further from the crease than the edges of the cover and first pages. This is called "booklet creep" There is a complex formula available to work it out, but the easiest way of avoiding page numbers or wording from being trimmed off is to keep all type and critical images well away from the edges of the booklet (at least 8mm). All pages should be numbered (preferably at the bottom of the page, in the centre). The cover does not have numbers, so the first right hand page after the cover is opened should be called page 1. | Ask for us a booklet quote |

How many pages?
A standard booklet can consist of any number of pages from eight upwards (8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60 etc). However, unless the booklet is being printed by web offset (which is unsuitable for small to medium runs) on very light weight paper, the usual maximum number of pages is around 60. After this, perfect binding (opening like a paperback book) should be considered, although wiro binding is also available for school homework books and similar items.
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Safe, secure online shopping from Centreprint - full colour business cards, postcards, invitations, bookmarks and more
Safe, secure online shopping from Centreprint - full colour business cards, postcards, invitations, bookmarks and more



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