artwork, and design for colour printing
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Supplying finished artwork to Centreprint

artwork, and design for colour printing

IMPORTANT Artwork for professional CMYK printing (as opposed to "desktop" or inkjet printers) has to follow certain rules to make it usable. Please click here to download our PDF artwork guide BEFORE you upload any finished artwork. It may well save you time and trouble later.

Do you wish to upload any images or artwork?

Please wait a few seconds while the file upload box appears below. Then fill in your email address and a brief note of the job details, so that we can identify your file when it reaches us. If you need to upload more than five images or files, just repeat the process.


What is artwork? The trade name for the original file created for any printing work is "artwork", whether it is artistic or not. Even one word on a sheet is called artwork. Our specialist professional studio will prepare artwork for you at very low prices (after all, you wouldn't want to take your own teeth out would you), or you can supply it to us yourself if you have the skills and the right software. However, please remember that producing usable artwork for printing is highly-skilled and there are many pitfalls. Just because it looks good on your screen does not mean that it can be used for professional printing. Please click here to download our PDF artwork guide BEFORE you start.

If you are supplying your own artwork to us, it is essential that you follow our artwork guidelines, to ensure trouble-free printing and to avoid delays and extra costs.

Artwork supply guidelines.
We prefer to receive a correctly produced, CMYK press-ready PDF, created with Acrobat Distiller. Please see note below about bleed. We can also accept finished artwork in the following formats:

  1. Quark Xpress versions 3, 4 5, 6 or 7. Please supply all fonts, images and graphics in one folder and compress the folder using Winzip or Stuffit. If using version 8, please backsave to version 7.
  2. CMYK PDFs from professional page layout programs, produced as press-ready, using Acrobat Distiller, with all fonts embedded. No colours or images must be RGB.
  3. CMYK PDFs or EPS produced from Adobe InDesign (the PDF MUST be produced to our specification).
  4. EPS files, produced in Adobe Illustrator. (Please make all fonts into outlines and ensure that everything within the file is produced as CMYK NOT RGB).
  5. Adobe Photoshop TIFF or EPS files (Must be created as CMYK, with a minimum resolution of 300dpi for photographs and images, 800dpi for type. All type should be rasterized. Files can be saved as JPEGS if you prefer.
  6. Corel Draw files - these must be created as CMYK and exported as AI files, with all fonts saved as outlines.
  7. Please remember - NEVER work in RGB - all colours used must be chosen as CMYK colours and all logos and photographs must be converted to CMYK before being used in your page layout program.

Microsoft Word™
This is a word processing program and it is not intended to be used for creating finished artwork for printing. It works in RGB only and does not embed fonts. We can however usually convert Word™ files into a press-ready format at extra cost. Please send us your file for a quotation.

If you require advice before producing artwork, please telephone 01902 402693 and ask for our studio. We can offer initial advice without charge, but reserve the right to charge for "hand-holding" and reproofing due to inexperienced designers.

Black solids
Please create solid blacks as 40% cyan and 100% black. We cannot accept any responsibility for problems caused by any other tint levels.

Colour matching
Please note that ALL forms of printing (litho, digital or even your budget desktop inkjet printer) are based on the CMYK colour system, which has a very narrow range of available colours, compared to your television, camera or computer monitor. Tthe colours we print are likely to be different to those seen on your screen and inkjet printer. If colour is critical or important to you, we recommend that you send us a print-out to try to match to. Please also note that whicher company prints your image, printed colours can never be as bright as those seen on your computer screen. See an explanation of the CMYK process.

Graphics resolutions and sizes
Please ensure that any clip art, photograph, logo or other image brought into your layout program is CMYK NOT RGB, is sized to within 10% of the finished size and was created at a resolution of at least 300dpi.

We often get requests to print a particular RGB colour, such as R83, G20, B12 etc.

It is important to realise that the ONLY colours that can actually be printed onto paper and board are CMYK colours (or spot colours, which are different). RGB colours CANNOT be accurately reproduced - by anybody - they are simply the colours of light. Light cannot, of course, be printed (if only it could...).

RGB is used by cameras and monitor to record and display the colours of LIGHT. CMYK inks, toner used by digital and litho printing devices to reproduce images and ranges of colour.

If you are creating artwork for us to print, you should ALWAYS work in CMYK mode. While we can usually convert RGB artwork and images to CMYK before printing, unavoidable colour changes will occur during any RGB or CMYK conversion (see below). Photographs supplied as RGB will usually convert to CMYK OK, but with some colour changes and a reduction in gamut. Again, this is unavoidable and applies to every printing process.

All print professionals and designers ALWAYS work in CMYK for these reasons - to avoid colour changes and to be able to accurately select how colours will reproduce.

For instance..

This is pure RGB blue 255 (as displayed by your monitor)
This is roughly how it will print when converted to CMYK

This is pure RGB green 255 (as displayed by your monitor)
This is roughly how it will print when converted to CMYK

Image resolution
Image resolution is very important for good quality reproduction. While 72dpi images are fine for websites and screen use, image and photographs should always be used at 300dpi.
Simply resaving 72dpi images at 300dpi will not improve the quality. Images created for web use are always low resolution and are not good enough for quality printing.

Please add 2mm to the finished sizes of each item, to allow for bleed. i.e. business cards that have a finished size of 85mm x 55mm should be supplied as 89mm x 59mm. We trim off the 2mm "bleed" after printing, so please remember that no type or anything of importance must be near the bleed edge. For production and artistic reasons, we recommend that all wording is kept at least 5mm away from the edge of the finished work (i.e. 7mm away from the bleed edge).

Time is money and our staff have to be paid like everyone else. Our prices are keen and our quotations assume that any artwork supplied by or on behalf of our customer is produced to professional standards and that it follows the industry standards of images being 300dpi minimum, having all fonts embedded and being entirely produced in CMYK. Please ensure that whoever creates the finished artwork reads these guidelines before supplying any artwork to us.

While we try to be as helpful as we can, we have to reserve the right to charge the studio time after the first proof, for correcting, altering, amending, fault-finding, hand-holding and re-proofing work supplied and/or re-supplied by inexperienced designers. Any despatch or delivery times and dates discussed are totally dependent upon the artwork being usable when initially supplied and will naturally be subject to change if problems are found within the files supplied.

We are always happy to offer initial advice on the best way to prepare your artwork, Just fill in our enquiry form or telephone our studio on 01902 402693

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Safe, secure online shopping from Centreprint - full colour business cards, postcards, invitations, bookmarks and more
Safe, secure online shopping from Centreprint - full colour business cards, postcards, invitations, bookmarks and more



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